Our Process

In one sentence, we treat you like family.

Every single client that walks through the door and sits down with us, we treat like family.

Our Process

Educate. Recommend. Protect.

We Educate each client on how insurance works in practical terms.

We give our Recommendation based on your specific needs.

We Protect what you care about most.

Independent vs Captive

Independent Insurance Agencies

Multiple Offers.

As an Independent Insurance Brokerage we have multiple companies in our offering, work with insurance companies not for insurance companies, and always put the client's interest first.

Captive Insurance Agencies

One Offer.

Captive Insurance Agencies, like a Farmers, Allstate, or StateFarm, only offer a single solution for all situations, work for the insurance companies, and put the insurance companies interest before their client's interest.

A Custom Insurance Solution.

Step 1. Figure Out What You Have In Place.

How does your current insurance plan look?

Step 2. Figure Out Your Risk Potential.

What are you looking to protect?

Step 3. Customize Your Insurance Plan.

Fit the coverage to suit your specific needs.

Our Services

  • A Second Opinion

  • House Calls

  • Custom Insurance Packages

  • Business Continuation Plan

  • Life Insurance Review

  • Life Insurance Retirement Plans

  • Pension Maximization

  • Charitable Life Insurance Plans

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Executive Bonus Plans

  • Claims Follow Up

  • Yearly Insurance Reviews

  • Coverage and Risk Analysis

  • 24/7/365 Claims Service

  • Catered Claims Process